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online services

We take the mystery out of online marketing with specialist strategy services across all platforms.

Wordwiz is experienced at helping businesses develop their online presence working to enhance existing websites or develop new online services to engage your customers.

Our online services include:

  • Online marketing and website strategy
    We  provide online strategy services so that your website works hard for you. Out web strategy services include looking at how to translate your services in an online environment, monetising your website, and creating online marketing and advertising campaigns aligned to your offline marketing.
  • Website development & coordination
    From planning your website to writing your copy, designing the site, taking the photos and getting it live, Wordwiz is your one-stop shop for functional website development and coordination.
  • Search Engine Marketing
    Our Search Engine Optimisation services make sure your website and online content get the best results possible on search engines such as google, bing and yahoo!. We can also help you design, plan and implement paid search marketing campaigns to drive traffic to your website.
  • Social Media Marketing
    We can help you find new markets and audiences in social media networks such as facebook, twitter and LinkedIn. If you want your businesses to stand out in the social media networks then let us design and manage your marketing campaign.
  • Online Editorial Services
    Let the Wordwiz team manage your day-to-day content needs or help you recruit the right skills for ongoing maintenance of your website, social media and email communications.

"[Tanya] is easy to work with, handles challenges with ease and diplomacy, has high communication and community engagement skills and always completes the required task without fuss. I would highly recommend Tanya and her team to any prospective clients." - James Purcell, Tiger Self Storage